Martin Luther at Brigham Young University

The BYU German Society is excited to announce their upcoming activity in recognition of Reformationstag (Oct. 31): On Oct. 31 at 5pm the Reverend Daniel Haas from the Provo Community United Church of Christ will deliver a lecture on Martin Luther and the Reformation. The room is #B-135 in the Joseph Fielding Smith Building. The lecture will be primarily in English and is open to the public. Come learn about this very important event in world history.

The Rev. Daniel Haas was born in Cologne and has lived in Germany most of his life. Ordained in the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland he is now in full ministerial standing with the United Church of Christ, a Christian, Reformed, Congregational, Evangelical denomination with 1.3 million members. He has served at Provo Community United Church of Christ since 2008.

October 31st is not only All Hallows’ Eve but also the day that Martin Luther is said to have posted his 95 theses on the doors of All Saints’ Church, which is commonly viewed to be a catalyst for the Protestant Reformation. From there he went on to translating the Bible into German and shaping the modern German language as we know it.
The Rev. Daniel Haas will help students see how German language and culture have been impacted and shaped by the Protestant Reformation in general and Martin Luther on his special day in particular.

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