Financial Peace University Course

This will be a special course open to the church congregation and the community to help in learning financially responsible skills, regardless of income level.  Principals are biblically based.  There is no charge for the course, but some materials will be needed.  This course will be taught weekly by Brittney Kirk in the Fellowship Hall on Thursdays September 5th through October 30th (Wednesday) 7-8.30pm.  Click on the images for videos to learn more.

A message from the course teacher:
My name is Brittney Kirk, and I’m looking forward to leading Financial Peace University as a volunteer at your church.
I have personally taken these classes three times myself, and it has made a world of difference in bettering my life.  Using the financial principles outlined in these classes, I have been able to become completely debt-free, including my home.  And I know you can do the same, so I want to help you do that!
In these classes, you will learn skills such as: how to talk to your spouse about money, how to budget, how to have a plan for your money, and how to live a life free of debt.
It brings so much peace to have a plan for your money.  When you’re not worried about money, it gives you freedom to focus on giving to others, and to truly live life.
The principles taught in these classes are biblically based, and they work for EVERYONE, regardless of your income, marital status, or any other kind of status.
I always tell people that “money is a thing of this world, but the good things you can do with it are SPIRITUAL”. So I hope you’ll join me and see what good things Financial Peace University will bring into your life.
See you there.