We are currently pursuing a major redevelopment of the church campus to create a beautiful project including Provo Community Congregational United Church of Christ’s building.  Work is in progress for the design of this project.  The scope of this will include a renovation of the iconic 1956 Mid-Century Modern style A-frame Sanctuary to restore it and update the finishes as well as asbestos abatement, installation of more efficient and improved heating, lighting, and sound systems.  New additions also desired will include air-conditioning (the building has never had it!), installation of an art glass window on the east, and a pipe organ.


Nighttime Exterior view of the Church. Photo courtesy of Christian Peay, 2015

With change comes, well, change.  We will bid a difficult goodbye to the 90+ year old Meno Trope Hall.  This will make way in part for new a structure to house retail, residential apartments, and new spaces for the church.

Our desire is not only to be a beautiful and safe place to worship, but a place our community can come enjoy musical concerts and recitals, conferences, classes, receptions, dance, and more!  By doing so, we hope to improve and support the vitality of our church, downtown Provo, and our greater community.

Fundraising is underway to help support the church for the significant funds needed for our portion of the project.  If you would like to donate please mail to:

P.O. BOX 132 PROVO, UTAH 84603.

You will receive a receipt for your tax deductible donation. Your generosity is gratefully appreciated!

If you have further questions about this renovation, please contact our Public Affairs Building Liaison, Dave Lewis at If you would like to read more, and see more photos, check out the story in The Daily Herald.

Please note, when referencing the church, please use Provo Community Congregational United Church of Christ initially, afterwards PCCUCC or PCC is also acceptable.

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  1. As a past member of the congregation it is great to see it growing and expanding. Blessings to all who come through your doors. Michelle Jacobcik

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