Thank you!!!

We want to thank all those who assisted with our Pancake Parade Fundraiser this year.  We raised over $800 towards our Roof Replacement Fund goal of $50,000!

If you would like to donate towards this goal,
please visit our donation page and select


The need has come to replace three of the roofs of the church, two of which have become an urgent status.  The 63 year old roof over the Fellowship Hall is failing rapidly, as well as the 96 year old roof over the Meno Trope Hall building. Both areas are having water penetrating into the building during every storm. While we have roofers patching these on a on a regular basis, this is expensive. The time has come to replace both roofs.  The sanctuary A-frame roof will also need to be replaced, but is not currently an urgent need, but will need to be replaced in the near future.  Our roofer has given us an estimate to replace the two roofs at about $50,000.  This does not include repairs to damage inside the building (rotten wood, replacement of plaster, ceiling materials, flooring, etc. and unforeseen damage) caused by the water entering the structure.  We are asking for your help to raise these funds.
There is now a donation section in our page for ROOF REPLACEMENT FUND, there will be envelopes available at the church soon as well. Please, be generous, as we really need your help in this effort.
Thank you, and God Bless!