New Life!

Perhaps you’ve noticed this past week the Church’s landscape saw some change.  Several members got together and removed the nearly 60 year old shrubs from the east side of the building. It was a lot of work and we’re grateful for the help.  The local hospital, UVRMC, donated ornamental grasses from their landscape as they prepare for a renovation.  A small band of members of the church met early on a Saturday morning to remove those grasses for a new home at PCCUCC.  Soon those grasses with be joined with shrub roses, daylilies, evergreen shrubs, and other perennials.  We look forward to the new landscape that will greet us as we enter the church as well as passers-by.


A simple sign hangs on the wall near my desk, a reminder from a coworker, “believe”.  Several years ago, as told by another coworker, a campaign was in place in the Baltimore area.  “Believe” was seen on bumper stickers, and billboards alike, it was everywhere!  It was a simple word seen throughout the city to encourage people to believe they can make a change in themselves and their surroundings.

It is the desire of the church to make a change,  a sorely needed updating and creating of spaces not only where all are welcome to worship, but also musical concerts and recitals, neighborhood meetings and gatherings, outreach for those with struggles they’re trying to overcome, places to dance, sing and just be happy.  This massive undertaking will not just affect the church, but our community for the better.  If you haven’t already, you should check out our RENOVATION page where more information is shared about this project.

We have opened an easy to use fundraising site at GoFundMe under the title: “SAVE THIS COMMUNITY LANDMARK!”.  We are listed as a Certified Charity so you know your generous donation will go to the church.  Please open your hearts, and your wallet to help this cause. Help us spread the word.   We BELIEVE with your help, we can make a difference!




imageJoin us on the east side of the church (University Ave.) for the annual Freedom Festival Parade.  Activities start at 8.00, the parade at 9.00. We’ll have goodies and frozen treats to help cool you off!